Healthcare Professional

Podfo® is only available from an approved and trained healthcare professional.

If you have experience in providing biomechanical and orthotic services and are interested in offering Podfo to your patients and clients or just finding out more please contact us directly at

Prescribing Podfo®

We have a range of literature to provide information support and can also offer digital materials for practices to promote Podfo and your other services to your referrers and clients.

Prescribing Podfo products is easy!

For practitioners in any location, we will work with you to best match the needs of you and your patients. The best way to agree this is to contact us for an initial discussion. 

Option 1 - Direct Scan

Provide us with a scan of your clients feet in .stl or other agreed format along with an order form (see downloads below) and we can create the Podfo directly from your scan data.  Contact us to find out more and we will advise you on the best way to use your existing scanner for Podfo or we can recommend some scanners:

Option 2 - Casts and Impressions

For those in the UK who prefer to capture the corrected foot geometry with a cast or impression foam you can send these to Podfo, Benfield Business Park, Benfield Road, Newcastle NE6 4NQ UK.  On receipt we scan these and begin the digital design and manufacture.

If you are outside of the UK or simply have access to a scanner, you can scan the impression or cast and send us that file to work with.  Please review the scan before sending to ensure that it is reasonably complete.

If you are in any doubt please get in touch and we will help ensure you have the best system in place for your practice.

Some users of Podfo have offered their help and guidance on the best way to take impressions and casts for Podfo

Watch the video on how we recommend to take a cast for the best outcome in prescribing podfo. Featuring Trevor Prior, consultant Podiatric Surgeon

Watch the video on how we recommend to take the best impression for prescribing Podfo. Featuring David Eardley, leading Podiatrist at the North East Foot Centre 



Download Podfo order form and Introduction for Clinicians here